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BUBBLE BLUNT™ Hybrid [1.1g]



a Description The TFC BUBBLE BLUNTTM is capable of providing entertainment for a group of holidaymakers as well as impressing the most discerning single smoker. We begin with flower that is abundant in terpenes and bubble hash that is combined together at a ratio of 5:1. After that, the mixture is poured into blunt cones made of hemp that have sweetened wooden ends and then hand-inspected to ensure that it is consistent. This ensures that the toke is both smooth and potent. Solventless is MoreTM -- The Flower CollectionTM -- Solventless is MoreTM Our goods are never created with any of the following solvent extraction methods: BHO, RSO, CO2, Butane, Propane, wax, shatter, distillate, budder, or any other solvent extraction method (100 percent solventless bubble hash).
THC9: 2.89mg | THCA: 25.3mg