The Green Lifestyle Rewards Program is your ticket to savings, featuring the most ways to earn and use points on our huge selection of products. The Perks Program puts you ahead of the crowd and elevates your shopping experience at every The Green Solution retail store. Subscribers signup with nothing more than an email address to qualify for points and special weekly offers. Insiders opt into SMS updates for deeper discounts, exclusive updates, and even more opprtunities to earn rewards.

The Green Lifestyle Perks Program: 10 years and millions of experiences in the making. Sign up now by clicking below or keep scrolling to learn more.

Perks Program Subscribers: How to Qualify

Become a Perks Program Subscriber by providng your email address and phone number and activating it via the confirmation SMS you receive (we require your phone number but we do not require marketing SMS opt-in). Subscribers earn points worth 5% of their total purchases. That‘s a nickel for every dollar that you get to redeem once you‘ve reached at least 100 points.

Weekly Deals anyone? As a Subscriber, you get exclusive access to special deals directly to your inbox. That means special member discounts on our entire selection.

We love Birthdays! All Subscribers get a bonus 420 points on their birthday. That could mean a free pre-roll, gram, cartridge, edible, or more. How will you use your points?

Perks Program Insiders: Take Control of Your Perks

Who wants to dig around an inbox for a discount all day? As a TGS Perks Program Insider, you receive short, sweet SMS deals directly to your device. Subscriber perks are just the beginning if you‘re an Insider. Just opt into SMS updates and get reward points worth 5% of your purchases, your birthday bonus, and everything else in the Subscriber tier, plus more.

Level-Up Your Weekly Deals. Insiders get access to not only our weekly deals, but also to exclusive offers, advance notice of special promotions, personalized promotions based on your preference, and periodic points multipliers.

What are you waiting for? Experience the best of the best by signing up or upgrading from Subscriber status today.

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